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The template for Romanian numerals seems to cause display problems, at least in the Opera browser which is known for its following of the W3C standards. The bottom of the numeral table is covered by the top of the right column of the translations, which makes the overlapping texts difficult to read.

That's odd, for I'm using Opera as well and I have no problem. If you see the code, you will see that the columns are vertically aligned to the bottom, and the right column is shorter for this purpose. It may depend on the version of Opera one uses (I have 7.54u2). I'll think of a way to solve this problem. Thanks for reporting it! --KlaudiuMihăilă Mesaj 16 iunie 2006 17:26 (UTC)Răspunde[răspunde]
I am using Opera 8.54 (Dutch), the latest official release. The problems seem to relate to the screen resolution: the 800x600 pixels setting causes problems in the default letter size, but a resolution with smaller letters is OK in the default. But even then I see the overlap once I start enlarging the font size (by pressing + on the numeric keypad).
Problem solved (or I suppose so). Please tell me if you have any problems here or anywhere else. Thanks again! --KlaudiuMihăilă Mesaj 17 iunie 2006 15:42 (UTC)Răspunde[răspunde]
It seems all right now. Thanks. --Jan, 18 iunie 2006