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The lemma form of this entry should be mic dejun, I guess. In other words this pages should be moved to mic dejun. LinguisticMystic (discuție) 13 august 2020 15:27 (UTC)Răspunde[răspunde]

Sorry for the delayed response. DEX has it as a set phrase (compare mărul lui Adam) so I wouldn't jump the gun and rename it just yet. Let me look into it and see if we have the sources to support such a move. -- Robbie SWE (discuție) 14 august 2020 22:59 (UTC)Răspunde[răspunde]
The -ul suffix is for the definite article, isn't it? LinguisticMystic (discuție) 15 august 2020 14:44 (UTC) if so, the lemma form is mic dejun.Răspunde[răspunde]
That's not how the language works sometimes. For instance floarea-soarelui can only be written in that form. As I said, I'll look into it and if there are sources to support it, I'll make the move. -- Robbie SWE (discuție) 15 august 2020 15:27 (UTC)Răspunde[răspunde]
great thank you LinguisticMystic (discuție) 16 august 2020 00:37 (UTC) I do not know which source you consider authoritative, but for example: Reverso has it, and a quick Google search has 5+ million results.Răspunde[răspunde]

gata gata, thank you for your help @LinguisticMystic:! I just needed cites from books, magazines etc. I found them, and now we can move the entries. -- Robbie SWE (discuție) 18 august 2020 10:54 (UTC)Răspunde[răspunde]