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Din engleza medie ese, eise, care provine din anglo-normandă ese < franceza veche aise, eise. De origine necunoscută.



ease, (nenumărabil)

  1. confort, dolce farniente
    She enjoyed the ease of living in a house where the servants did all the work.
  2. liniște, pace
    His mind was at ease when he received his pension.
  3. ușurința, facilitate, ușurare
    He passed all the exams with ease.
  4. dexteritate, abilitate, dibăcie, îndemânare
    He played the organ with ease.
  5. bogăție, bunăstare, belșug
    After winning the jackpot, she lived a life of luxurious ease.
  6. repaus, răgaz
    We took our ease on the patio.


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Conjugarea verbului
to ease
Infinitiv to ease
Prezent simplu
pers. 3 sg.
Trecut simplu eased
Participiu trecut eased
Participiu prezent easing
  1. a alina, a ușura (o durere etc.)
    He eased his conscience by confessing.
  2. a domoli, a liniști
    He loosened his shoe to ease the pain.
  3. a aduce o ușurare
    The provision of extra staff eased their workload.
  4. a da drumul la (funii etc.)
    We eased the rope, then lowered the sail.
  5. a ușura
    We had to ease the entry requirements.
  6. a se micșora, a se potoli, a se reduce
    The pain eased overnight.
  7. a călători cu ușurință
    The car eased onto the motorway.